CACHF – A not for profit charity supporting Ascension Calumet Hospital and serving citizens residing within the Chilton, New Holstein, Kiel, Hilbert, Potter, Stockbridge and Brillion zip codes since 1998.


Calumet Area Community Health Foundation (CACHF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization established to directly or indirectly support Ascension Calumet Hospital and the health of citizens residing in the zip codes of Chilton, New Holstein, Kiel, Potter, Stockbridge, Hilbert and Brillion, Wisconsin.  These purposes will be accomplished via grants to eligible charitable organizations (including institutions with educational institutional status) which promote health and health education.


CACHF encourages health grant applications which provide significant benefit to the community in the areas of health and health education.  Health grant applications are reviewed by CACHF’s Health Services and Planning Advisory Committee, a panel of volunteers broadly representative of the community, who use their expertise to contribute to the overall assessment of each application based upon the degree it fits CACHF’s guidelines and priorities.  This committee’s recommendations are forwarded to CACHF’s Board of Directors, which has responsibility for final health grant decisions.


Recognizing health is critical to area communities, CACHF’s focus is to enhance or improve physical and mental strengths of citizens within its service area.  CACHF will fund programs which target populations and communities and health issues within them, with particular interest in enhancing access to primary care service and which address health issues and diseases through prevention, education and early detection.   To ensure the best use of limited funds, CACHF will generally assign a higher priority to health grant applications which offer creative responses to the community’s and CACHF’s assessed priority health needs, problems and issues; which promote the development of healthy families; which emphasize health prevention and education, and which involve cooperation or collaboration among two or more providers.





Health grant applications are reviewed on the basis of the following priorities:

  1. Impact:  Projects which serve a wide segment of the community and assist people not being adequately served by existing health or health related services.

  2. Innovation: Pilot projects providing practical approaches for dealing with specific community health issues or problems.

  3. Leverage: Projects which lever or generate other health funding and health resources.

  4. Management: Applications are evaluated for management capacity, taking into consideration staff qualifications, composition of the governing board and capability for service or program delivery.

  5. Non Duplication: Projects that do not duplicate existing services or programs.

  6. Participation: Projects which provide opportunities for substantial participation of constituents in organizational decision making.




The general policy of CACHF is to allocate funds to eligible charitable organizations including educational institutions, whose purpose or continuing work includes the provision or promotion of health and health education.  Eligible organizations and their programs must directly or indirectly serve and benefit Ascension Calumet Hospital and/or the achievement of its charitable purposes, i.e. serving citizens residing within the zip codes of Potter, Stockbridge, Hilbert, Chilton, New Holstein, Kiel and Brillion, Wisconsin.




Please review this section carefully before applying.  Due to limited resources, CACHF is not likely to award health grants to the following types of applications or for the following purposes /reasons:

  • To individuals

  • For political or religious purposes(programs which promote religious doctrine)

  • To retire indebtedness or to incur debt liability

  • For the payment of taxes or interest

  • For annual campaigns or fund raising events

  • To endowments

  • For emergency funding

  • To influence legislative or elections

  • To private foundations

  • To other grant making or umbrella funding organizations (which may or will, in turn, grant the Foundation dollars to other organizations or individuals)

  • To organizations which discriminate on the basis of race, creed or gender

  • To affiliates of national or international organizations

  • To Government agencies

  • For building campaigns except in extraordinary circumstances or when community health consideration strongly supports such a contribution

  • For existing expenses or to replenish resources used to pay for such expenses

  • For conferences, tours and trips




All CACHF health grant recipients must report on the expenditure of CACHF health grant funds and the results of the supported project.  Any funds not expended for the specific purpose of the health grant must be returned to CACHF and cannot be diverted to other uses without the express approval of CACHF’s Board of Directors.




Health grant sizes may range in size.  Eligible organizations may apply for funding only once every twelve months unless they are part of a collaborative request.  Health grants are normally made for a one-year period.  Organizations which have been funded over a period of time may be requested to wait for one to five years before reapplying.




A tax-exempt entity may serve as a fiscal sponsor for a charitable organization, which does not have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status if a cooperative relationship between the two can be clearly demonstrated.  If an applicant is acting as a fiscal sponsor for another organization, the health grant application must include:

  • A letter indicating the fiscal sponsor’s willingness to administer the grant if awarded.

  • A copy of the most recent IRS letter indicating the fiscal sponsor’s 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

  • A copy of the current operating budget of the fiscal sponsor.

  • A copy of the fiscal sponsor’s most recent financial statements (Income and Expenses and Balance Sheet).

  • A list of the fiscal sponsor’s Board of Directors and their affiliations.


CACHF prefers to award grants to fiscal sponsors located within the Chilton, Kiel, New Holstein, Hilbert, Brillion, Potter and Stockbridge zip codes.




CACHF expects health grant applications to be submitted according to the schedule provided on the application form.  Potential grantees may request this form by calling CACHF at (920) 849-8700.  Applications received past applicable due dates will not be considered.


All applications are acknowledged in writing after the funding cycle dealing.  CACHF may request additional information at that time.  Applications that do not fit within CACHF’s policies, priorities or guidelines are screened out of the review process by CACHF’s staff.  Remaining applications are assigned to CACHF’s Health Services and Planning Advisory Committee for a full review.  All questions reports and correspondence shall be addressed to CACHF’s Chief Executive Officer.


Anyone having questions about CACHF's guidelines or priorities should call CACHF at (920) 849-8700 and ask to speak to the Chief Executive Officer.  As part of the application evaluation process, CACHF’s staff may contact applicants by telephone to discuss their proposal.  A site visit may be arranged, particularly for new applicants.  Site visits may involve an interview with representatives from CACHF’s staff, its Health Services and Planning Advisory Committee and an applicant’s constituency.  CACHF’s staff and the Health Services and Planning Advisory Committee will make funding recommendations to the CACHF’s Board of Directors, which makes all final funding decisions.




CACHF rarely awards multi-year grants.  Grantees may apply for multi-year funding only after receiving two consecutive awards from CACHF.  Applicants for multi-year support must clearly justify the need for multi-year support.




Grant Applications are due no later than March 31st of the year the grant is awarded.


Please note:  CACHF will consider applications from an organization ONLY ONCE every 12 months, whether the previous application was approved or declined.


Organizations are encouraged to submit their applications prior to deadline date.  Applications will not be processed and considered however, until after the deadline date.  Health grant applications submitted by fax or e-mail will not be considered. APPLICATIONS MUST BE PHYSICALLY PRESENT IN CACHF’S OFFICE ON THE DEADLINE DATE.  APPLICATIONS RECEIVED AFTER THE DEADLINE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.




All applicants MUST submit a completed, signed application form.

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