About Us


Calumet Area Community Health Foundation(CACHF) is a tax exempt public charity trust, operating exclusively within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.  Its purpose is to promote health and health education which directly or indirectly support Ascension Calumet Hospital and which address the health issues and needs of Brillion, Chilton, Hilbert, Kiel, New Holstein, Potter and Stockbridge residents.  CACHF was created in 1998 with the same spirit and sense of community, as was Ascension Calumet Hospital in 1954.  Prior to Ascension Calumet Hospital’s decision to affiliate with Affinity Health System, Ascension Calumet Hospital’s Board of Directors had the foresight to establish CACHF and in doing so transferred in perpetuity, a portion of the center’s investments which had accumulated over time.  This decision assured the spirit and preservation of community health as envisioned by those who founded and supported Ascension Calumet Hospital.  Funds are available annually to individuals and charitable organizations in the Ascension Calumet Hospital service area, which promote health and health education and which directly or indirectly support Ascension Calumet Hospital.


Health Grants & Scholarships:

CACHF’s Board of Directors periodically determines the amount of funds available for distribution.  CACHF has developed an application process and policies to assist eligible organizations, students and health professionals to obtain funding from CACHF for health projects, grants, health scholarships and health professional practice education loan repayments which fund health and health education programs and services.  An advisory committee of community representatives reviews and assesses health grant applications to determine if and how they relate to CACHF guidelines and forwards its recommendations to CACHF’s Board of Directors, which makes all decisions, including health grants, health scholarships and health professional practice education loan repayments.

Donors: CACHF encourages community support in multiple ways, including financial contributions from individuals, organizations and estates. 

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Organizations: Board of Directors (Officers)

        Glen Calnin – President                                           

        TJ Friederichs – Vice President

        Joe Mathes – Treasurer            

        Gene Tipler, M.D. – Secretary

        Andy King
        Kim Rietbrock

        Jenny Derks