Applications are listed at the bottom of this page. Please read over the page to ensure that you are qualified to apply.

Note:  This application is to be used only by current and prior year area high school graduates who have not previously applied for a CACHF health scholarship.


The purpose of the health scholarship is to assist qualified applicants, as defined in CACHF Health Scholarship Rules, in financing their vocational-technical school, junior and/or community college, four year college or university education.  Total CACHF health scholarship amounts vary and will be awarded eligible graduates.


1.      Qualifying applicants must be either graduating seniors with an overall grade point average of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale through the seventh semester or graduate with an overall grade point average of 2.0 or higher when graduated.

2.      The health scholarship can only be used at an accredited vocational-technical school, junior and/or community college, four-year college or university.

3.      Recipients may be enrolled as full time or part time students at one of these educational institutions during the school year for which the health scholarship is awarded.

4.      Health Scholarship amounts can be used to pay for only the following expenses: tuition, fees and course-required books, supplies and equipment.

5.      All applicants are restricted to a health/health related course of study when enrolled as a student, and must have declared a health related major.  Applicants must have demonstrated an interest in health issues. 

6.      Selection is based on the following criteria: (not necessarily in this order) (a) health/heath related activities, (b) scholastic achievement, (c) character, (d) personality, (e) initiative, (f) seriousness of purpose, (g) financial need, (h) moral character, (i) citizenship, and (j) cooperation.

7.      First time applicants must submit: a completed Initial Health Scholarship application form, including high school transcript(s) and three letters of recommendation.  Each letter of recommendation must include a statement setting forth the reasons why the person making the recommendation believes the applicant will finish the school program.

8.      Additionally, first time applicants either previously or currently enrolled in a post secondary school must submit: all completed transcripts from that school(s) through the date of the health scholarship application.

9.    A health scholarship recipient cannot be a “disqualified person” as that term is defined in section 4946 (a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 with respect to Calumet Area Community Heath Foundation, Inc. (“CACHF”), related to or have been employed by any person who is a “disqualified person” with respect to CACHF.  As a general rule the following persons or family members of the following persons are “disqualified persons” with respect to CACHF: (a) substantial contributors to CACHF and/or (b) CACHF officers, directors, committee members and employees.


The completed Initial Health Scholarship Application Form including attachments i.e. school transcripts, recommendations etc. must be sent to CACHF by March 1st of the year the scholarship is to be awarded.  Applicants should obtain required references and school transcripts as soon as possible when they begin the health scholarship application process to assure submission of a completed application by the required deadline.


CACHF’s Board of Directors is the health scholarship committee, which selects health scholarship recipients.


Health Scholarship recipients and amounts will be announced by CACHF around the close of the school year.  Health scholarship money will be sent to the recipient’s school shortly after the beginning of the fall semester, but not until recipients provide CACHF with the complete name and address of the school’s financial aid office and provide, when applicable, the “additional information” as stated in the following paragraph titled “additional information”.


Upon completion of each school year for which a health scholarship is awarded, but not later than 30 days after the school year has ended, prior health scholarship recipients must provide CACHF with: a certified school transcript, a brief description of their educational experience, use of health scholarship funds, future education plans and progress being made towards graduation.  This information may be verified by CACHF with the educational institution.  Recipients shall reapply for the health scholarship in subsequent years, provided the recipient is making satisfactory progress towards graduation and has not been delinquent in submission of their progress report to CACHF.  All recipients agree to sign necessary authorizations for the release of their academic and attendance records to CACHF representatives.


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